"Power is the ability to produce intended effects."
- Bertrand Russel

Our mission is to empower you to make investment choices that represent a risk-return profile well-suited to your needs; in a high-tech, cost-effective manner that is conscious of our social and natural environment. Whether you are acting on your own or on behalf of an organisation.

What we believe

Our values and principles underpin everything we do. 

Relationships can only be based on trust

We strive to provide outstanding customer service by being available, resourceful and helpful. We build a trust-based relationship with you by understanding your best interest and tailoring our services to match it. Our goal is to make a positive impact on people, society, knowledge and environment.

Diversity is not a buzzword but the key to success

We thrive on diversity. Our team connects different backgrounds, talents and capabilities. Being open to change allows us to listen and learn from each other so we can better fulfil our goals and aspirations. We live by being ethical and inclusive.

Drive digital evolution. Never stop learning

We are hungry to continuously learn and define our point of view as we navigate the stormy waters of economical, societal and technological change. Harnessing the potential of the latest technologies leads us to highly configured, tailor-fitted risk management that serves everyone better.

Our Core Team

For over 50 years of our combined professional careers, we have kept on learning, unlearning and re-learning. Continuous exploration of the newest science in finance, technology and business is in our DNA. We share the awareness of global social and environmental issues impacting us all and are keen to drive positive change. These not only bring us, as a team, closely together, but also define our purpose and mission.


Giuseppe Amitrano

Chief Executive Officer

A leading expert as Head of Trading and Sales, senior Managing Director in rates and credit derivatives with over 25 years of experience, Giuseppe has created and led fixed income derivatives teams at Scotiabank, RBS and UBS where he has been running absolute and relative return strategies. Further to his MSc in Economics he obtained the CISI Level 4 Investment Advice Diploma in 2018.

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Eszter Kiss

Chief Operating Officer

Fintech venture builder and Morgan Stanley alumna with a 14-year-career in financial services, Eszter brings in a wealth of leadership experience in launching new businesses, managing products, projects and programs, controlling risk of derivatives and compliance with regulatory requirements. Further to her MSc in Economics, Eszter holds an Executive MBA from London Business School.

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Pierre-Yves Rivaille

Chief Risk Officer

PhD in Computer Arithmetic from University Paris VI and former student of Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. As Senior Rates Quant and Strategist, Pierre-Yves has worked on the fixed income trading desks of UBS, Deutsche Bank, Citi, and Scotiabank for over 10 years, before transitioning to fintech recently. He rolled out a new swap rates curve construction model and a new, modern risk framework.

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Charles Caporal

Portfolio and Risk Manager

MSc in Quantitative Finance, Charles produced quantitative research and client portfolio recalibration, when working in asset management at CQS and Millennium Sim in the UK and in Italy. He developed a system of web crawling and data mining to predict asset price volatility fluctuations. In 2018, he obtained the CISI Level 4 Investment Advice Diploma. 

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