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22 Highbury Grove, London, N5 2EF, United Kingdom

Your Business Risks

Your Business Risks

Relationships can only be based on trust

We strive to provide outstanding customer service by being available, resourceful and helpful. We build a trust-based relationship with you by understanding your best interest and tailoring our services to match it. Our goal is to make a positive impact on people, society, knowledge and environment.

Diversity is not a buzzword but the key to success

We thrive on diversity. Our team connects different backgrounds, talents and capabilities. Being open to change allows us to listen and learn from each other so we can better fulfil our goals and aspirations. We live by being ethical and inclusive.

Drive digital evolution. Never stop learning

We are hungry to continuously learn and define our point of view as we navigate the stormy waters of economical, societal and technological change. Harnessing the potential of the latest technologies leads us to highly configured, tailor-fitted risk management that serves everyone better.

Following the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, we seek to devise a methodology to assess the ESG risk impact of derivatives. Currently, no product in the market has the capability to analyse nor measure the ESG risk of derivatives. We strive to be the first company to create a tool enabling fund managers to accurately measure, define and assess their portfolio constituents' ESG impact.

The FCA’s New Consumer Duty reinforces our core value of developing tools supporting investors to become more aware and conscious in controlling their financial attributes. With the Ca' Foscari University we are progressing a project that aims to relate recognised theory of behavioural economics to daily life of individuals and markets. 

Working with the University of Bath we are focused on improving the efficiency and accuracy of the investment process as well as enhancing our performance. Using machine learning in alternative to conventional asset allocation methods we seek for uncorrelated and not normally distributed returns. The objective of the project will be the creation of algorithms to compile and analyse the universe of historical and current multi assets data available to detect new patterns, cross-assets correlations, to mitigate the risks associated with our strategy. 

CEO and Investment Officer

Chief Technology Officer

Risk Management

Chief Operating Officer

Head of Structuring

Relationship Management

Market & Risk Analyst

Quantitative Risk Analyst

Adviser for R&D

For the century of our combined professional careers, we have kept on learning, unlearning and re-learning. Continuous exploration of the newest science in finance, technology and business is in our DNA. We share the awareness of global social and environmental issues impacting us all and are keen to drive positive change. These not only bring us, as a team, closely together, but also define our purpose and mission.



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We are always looking for talent

Our mission is to empower you to make investment choices that represent a risk-return profile well-suited to your needs; in a high-tech, cost-effective manner that is conscious of our social and natural environment. Whether you are acting on your own or on behalf of an organisation.

Your Business & Your Assets

Power is the ability to produce intended effects

Bertrand Russell


What we believe


ESG Commitment


Fair and transparent pricing


Data & Technology



We partner with major institutions in Europe for constant innovation and process improvement.

ESG impact measurement

The transition to tomorrow is on all of us. We want our investment decisions to be sustainable for the next generations and we believe we can benefit the environment and society as a whole while we create value.

We put our own efforts into mitigating the immediate risks of climate change now and forever. As a signatory of the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment, environmental, social and governance due diligence are integrated in our decision making. We are also committed to measuring and highlighting the positive environmental and societal impact of our contributions. 

An independent and innovative
investment management firm

We are free to advise on what is best for our clients. As you may already know, not the entire financial ecosystem is built like that. Our goal is to make a positive impact on people, society, knowledge and environment.


As an independent investment management firm we are paid by our clients for the services we provide, without any conflict of interest. We want to help them achieving their investment objectives, hedging their risks and growing their financial assets.

You know exactly what you are paying and the value you are paying for, with no hidden costs. WieldMore does not benefit of any rebate or referral fees. And we will never change.

An independent and innovative investment management firm

State-of-the-art technology
and data management

Data and technology are at the core of our investment process. WieldMore works on a comprehensive technology platform; an integrated, web-based portfolio rebalancing and reporting solution that enables us to run our businesses with greater efficiency. 

WieldMore's Pomelo® is a proprietary and flexible end-to-end system that brings together data, analytics and sustainability to improve investment decisions and empower institutions and individuals. 

The system is built on a cost-efficient infrastructure, with a full-stack high-level language with strong guarantees. The cloud ensures efficiency through reduced hardware and admin tasks and using open financial data helps us create economic value. 

State-of-the-art technology and data management

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