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Your Business Risks

Your Business Risks

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Controlling the risk of your investments is our utmost priority

Applied Risk Management

Your financial risks are our utmost priority


Managing risk

Applying our expertise in managing complex investment risks, we extend our support to small and medium-sized companies to protect their assets from market uncertainties. We provide simple and transparent solutions for cash-flow management and strategies to hedge the risks associated with currencies, commodities and interest rates. 

A complex process we make simple and transparent

1. Risk assessment

We start by conducting a free risk assessment of your company, detailing our findings, identifying risk exposures and examples of how you can possibly save costs by using WieldMore strategies

2. Strategy and execution

​A dedicated specialist will work with you to develop and present various risk management strategies, highlighting gaps in risk coverage and any unnecessary cost that can be reduced while protecting your business

3. Monitoring and reporting

​With regular communication and reporting updates, we will keep you up to date with your positions and exposures. Your specialist adviser will be available whenever you have any questions or need their assistance

Regardless of size, effective risk management is crucial for all enterprises. Every business confronts unique challenges and is vulnerable to market volatility, which can have a profound impact on its profitability. With the increasing complexity of financial markets, many companies struggle to respond appropriately, resulting in significant unmitigated exposure to market risks or excessive charges


Specialist data and technology that increases the accuracy of financial planning, is not readily available for businesses. In its lack, companies are bound to run on increased costs.

Hedging products, sold by banks and intermediaries, are often inflexible, lack transparency, and come at a high cost. The cost of such products can be up to 25 times higher for smaller clients*. Businesses may be forced to pay exorbitant fees for hedging services that do not meet their specific needs or provide sufficient value.

Companies may greatly benefit from specialist risk management services, but a complete set of risk management tools, data and experts is expensive for businesses to employ.


Your Outsourced Risk Management Team

State-of-the-art Data & Analytics
Efficient investment solution

Applying our expertise in managing complex financial market risks, we extend our support to enterprises to protect their assets from market uncertainties. Enterprises can benefit from simple, transparent and comprehensive solutions and strategies to hedge the risks* associated with currencies, commodities and interest rates.

Up to 300%
Expected annual average ROI generated
Up to 60%
Expected annual average Cost Savings
Up to 25%
EBITDA-volatility reduction for resource intensive businesses


Which Risks?

  • Interest Rate Risk
    Our interest rate risk management strategies provide tailored, flexible solutions to hedge against fluctuating interest costs, offering certainty against adverse rate movements and flexibility compared to fixed-rate loans. As these solutions may limit gains from favourable rates and may have significant break costs if the contract terms are altered or terminated, it is crucial to evaluate* their impact on your business and seek a specialist team's assistance
  • Currency Risk
    Currency risk management is the process of identifying, analysing, and mitigating the potential impact of exchange rate fluctuations on an enterprise's financial performance. By effectively managing currency risk, enterprises can protect themselves from the negative consequences of exchange rate fluctuations and ensure their long-term financial stability. This is an ongoing process requiring constant attention and monitoring.
  • Commodity Risk
    Commodities are crucial to company management. Enterprises use commodity risk management to identify, analyse and mitigate the impact of price fluctuations on their financial performance. This applies to various commodities, including metals, energy and agricultural goods. By managing commodity risks, enterprises can reduce their exposure to negative price fluctuations and improve long-term financial stability.
  • Carbon Risk
    Carbon Risk Management helps organisations strengthen their financial position by proactively managing unexpected changes in carbon prices, and by identifying long-term climate change opportunities.
  • How can we help
    We are an investment management firm authorised by the FCA. We develop and execute the required trades for you, instead of working with a third party. Having a direct relationship with us saves you the costs of any intermediaries.



Because there’s a huge chance of disrupting value or losing money. And we are born to protect investors and companies from risks.


What Risks?

What is Currency risk?

It’s the chance of losing money due to unfavorable moves in exchange rates. All those firms that operate in markets with different currencies are exposed to currency risk.

What is Commodity risk?

It’s the chance that commodity price changes cause financial losses. And there’s a 100% probability that companies are impacted by this risk.


Why Hedging?

  • To protect revenues

  • To save business lines and products margins

  • To create “insurance strategies”

  • To put in place a stable pricing strategy throughout the year

  • “Peace of mind” in the accounting department


What's the Cost?

A typical hedging strategy average cost on the market is 2%*. Choosing our support and strategy will cost you less than 1%. And that’s a huge difference.


How can we do it?

Because we are not a sales company. We are a service provider, and our goal is protecting you. That means we operate directly on the market without third parties and without using structured products. It’ just you and your protection .

Portfolio Management

Our bespoke portfolio selection, advanced personal risk profiling and suitability tools help you create the perfect fit and superior performance for your clients.

Discover our portfolio management solutions

Check out our Guide to Risk Management

The most effective FX and commodity risk management solutions for your business 


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