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Your Business Risks

Your Business Risks

Portfolio Management

Our bespoke portfolio selection, advanced personal risk profiling and suitability tools help you create the perfect fit and superior performance for your clients.

Discover our portfolio management solutions

We can help your clients achieve a comfortable and secure retirement by building a financial plan to achieve their goals.

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Your Business & Your Assets

WieldMore for Advisers

The ideal partner for your clients

We provide a wide range of solutions for financial advisers. You can choose the investment solution that most accurately matches your clients’ needs, goals, ambitions and attitude to risk. 

​Partnering with you, we help companies concentrate on their business. If you have Enterprise clients, we can support you and your clients grow revenues, margins and mitigate business risks

Designed to weather the unexpected, our signature investment strategy can effectively diversify your clients’ Self-Invested Pension Plans.     

Our model and bespoke portfolio selection, advanced personal risk profiling and suitability tools help you create the perfect fit and superior performance for your clients. 

We combine sophisticated risk analytics with cost-effective technology to ensure efficiency and performance of our investment strategies. 

We are committed to helping you offer the best service, risk protection and investment solutions. 

Due to their provision of raw materials or sales of products or services, most companies are exposed to financial risks including changes in commodity prices, inflation or exchange rates.  

Some companies opt for risk mitigating solutions but the high price they pay much reduces the benefits achieved.  

We can help you and your clients to protects their business whilst reducing costs.  

Optimising cash-flows with our expert advice can save costs and increase returns.  

We can protect your clients' foreign currency inflows and outflows from volatile exchange rates. We can also maximise returns on assets by generating steady and reliable income streams, following investment objectives and mandates.


Our level of involvement is always adjusted to your clients' needs, ranging from one-off or ongoing financial advice to discretionary portfolio management. 

Our ESG selection tools help you construct individually tailored portfolios for each client, based on their values and metrics 

We work with you to build 

high-performing, low-risk portfolios using our proprietary Liquid Alternative Total Return Strategy 

Our three-tiered portfolio management services allow you to choose the right level of expert advice for you and your clients 

Our innovative management tools give you the freedom to focus more on your business and less on your administrative tasks 

Enterprise Risk
Enterprise Liquidity
Self Invested​
Pension Plans


Partnering with you


Portfolio Management


Risk Management for Enterprises


Liquidity Management for Enterprises


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  • Interest Rate Risk
    Our interest rate risk management strategies provide tailored, flexible solutions to hedge against fluctuating interest costs, offering certainty against adverse rate movements and flexibility compared to fixed-rate loans. As these solutions may limit gains from favourable rates and may have significant break costs if the contract terms are altered or terminated, it is crucial to evaluate* their impact on your business and seek a specialist team's assistance
  • Currency Risk
    Currency risk management is the process of identifying, analysing, and mitigating the potential impact of exchange rate fluctuations on an enterprise's financial performance. By effectively managing currency risk, enterprises can protect themselves from the negative consequences of exchange rate fluctuations and ensure their long-term financial stability. This is an ongoing process requiring constant attention and monitoring.
  • Commodity Risk
    Commodities are crucial to company management. Enterprises use commodity risk management to identify, analyse and mitigate the impact of price fluctuations on their financial performance. This applies to various commodities, including metals, energy and agricultural goods. By managing commodity risks, enterprises can reduce their exposure to negative price fluctuations and improve long-term financial stability.
  • Carbon Risk
    Carbon Risk Management helps organisations strengthen their financial position by proactively managing unexpected changes in carbon prices, and by identifying long-term climate change opportunities.
  • How can we help
    We are an investment management firm authorised by the FCA. We develop and execute the required trades for you, instead of working with a third party. Having a direct relationship with us saves you the costs of any intermediaries.


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