We offer Portfolio Management and Advisory Services to Independent Financial Advisors

Our bespoke portfolio selection, advanced personal risk profiling and suitability tools help you create the perfect fit and superior performance for your clients


We work with you to build high-performing, low-risk portfolios using our proprietary Liquid Alternative Total Return Strategy


Our three-tiered portfolio management services allow you to choose the right level of expert advice for you


Our ESG selection tools help you construct individually-tailored portfolios for each client, based on their values


Our workflow management tools give you the freedom to focus less on compliance and administrative tasks


How do we make managing clients easier and more efficient for you?

  • By automating a part of the risk-assessment process, resulting in higher accuracy with less of your time spent on it


  • By providing superior risk adjusted returns to your clients

  • By offering you a transparent, low-cost fee structure aimed at achieving the best value in the industry


  • By running ESG-conscious portfolios based on the UN Principles of Responsible Investment, giving your clients the opportunity to make ethical investment choices

  • By giving you access to our latest release digital tools which help you deal less with paperwork and more with advising your clients

How do we help your clients achieve superior risk-adjusted returns?

  • By trading active, discretionary overlay derivative strategies to mitigate exposures such as duration and currencies, minimising hedging costs


  • By building highly-liquid, safe portfolios using our proprietary liquidity score model 


  • By providing an impactful hedge against inflation and rates

  • By offering a very competitive management and performance fee structure, owing to our cost-effective, cloud-based technology infrastructure

Why consider our Risk Management Services for your clients?

  • Managing risk, we put those investment elements in focus which are more vulnerable to market risk than others: liquidity, volatility, inflation, interest rates and currencies

  • We utilise low-cost hedging strategies to mitigate the risk posed by these five risks

  • We take an active and disciplined approach to daily portfolio risk management by running transparent trading books and liquid market hedges 

Portfolio Management

Risk Management

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