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Your Business Risks

Your Business Risks

For over 25 years in London, I have been working for global financial institutions as Managing Director responsible for the European institutional trading and distribution of complex financial products and hedging instruments. 
Our mission is to empower by directly enabling institutional and retail customers to stay in control of their risks and management objectives at significantly reduced costs and increased transparency, with a view to environmental sustainability and social responsibility.  
That is why I've founded WieldMore.

Giuseppe Amitrano

Chief Executive Officer

Get in direct contact with him at

Rely on us to rule the Unconventional

We build a highly-liquid investment bond portfolio through fundamental and relative value analysis using our proprietary liquidity score model

We trade active, discretionary overlay derivative strategies to mitigate exposures such as duration and currencies, minimising hedging costs.

We harvest the volatility risk premium through active, dynamic, non-directional options strategies.

We take an active and quantitative, disciplined approach to daily portfolio risk management.

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Wield More Investment Power

A step ahead of the unexpected


WieldMore GVC Gaesco Multi Asset Strategies Fund

A strategy to deliver superior
risk-adjusted returns

Experts of alternative market risks such as carry, volatility and convexity, we manage liquid multi asset strategies. 


Our signature UCITS fund is open for investments. Running WieldMore’s Liquid Alternative Diversified Strategy providing ​superior risk adjusted returns, it is an effective portfolio diversifier and an impactful hedge against inflation and rates.

A strategy that invests across the entire assets’ spectrum, built to perform well in all weathers, contributing confidence and stability to a portfolio.

See the strategy in action:

Fund Prospectus

ESG Risk

We combine our expertise in trading, risk and portfolio management with state-of-the-art digital solutions to design and implement liquid alternative investment strategies.

These offer alternative asset allocation, downside protection and diversification, enabling the portfolio to perform well in all weathers. Our signature strategy is open to all investors in the WieldMore GVC Gaesco Multi-Asset Fund.

Pioneering impact measurement, we work on extending our ESG-consciousness to our specialist area of derivatives.


Four-layered investment process

​Experts of derivatives, market risk management and ESG risk optimisation, WieldMore advises institutional investors on the most complex financial issues, helping you deliver your investment mandate efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Using cutting-edge analytics built on our proprietary platform, our unique investment risk insights give you both forward- and backward-looking risk calculations of the portfolio and the benchmark, including absolute VaR.


With our asset allocator, we can optimise your investment outcomes by different objectives, including ESG criteria. 

We build a highly liquid investment portfolio through fundamental and relative value ESG analysis using our proprietary liquidity score model

We trade active, discretionary overlay derivative strategies to mitigate exposures such as currencies and duration, minimising hedging costs

We harvest volatility risk premia through dynamic, non-directional  
options strategies, we manage the deltas of the underlying assets

We take an active and quantitative, disciplined approach to daily portfolio risk management, we deal with risks before returns

Efficiently delivered to meet institutional investors’ diversification needs, our strategies provide you superior risk-adjusted returns leveraging an impactful hedge against inflation and interest rates whilst keeping volatility low.   

Powered by state-of-the-art proprietary technology, our capital exposure limiting risk management practices focus on components more vulnerable to market risk than others: liquidity, volatility, inflation, interest rates and currencies.

Pioneering in ESG, we developed a portfolio-level ESG risk optimisation methodology that allows you to choose from alternative solutions to meet your portfolio’s ESG goals.  

WieldMore’s unique optimisation framework allows investment managers to map the portfolio’s ESG risks alongside other financial risks to better understand their relation and to either maximise for a combination of both variables or to improve ESG impact for a given level of risk and return. 

The framework leverages the United Nations’ SDG methodology and its principles are aligned with the global ESG ambition. 

More proactive investment strategies open up, based on traditional rules as geographic, sector and currency allocations as well as liquidity, volatility, risk and performance ratio considering the optimal ESG results and carbon emission. 


ESG Risk Optimisation


Portfolio Management


Investment advice


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