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Your Business Risks

Your Business Risks

The European Union's Debate over the ban of Inducements 🔍

The debate over the ban of inducements on financial products has once again come to the forefront in Europe, highlighting the importance of protecting retail customers and promoting transparency in the financial services industry.

The European Commissioner for Financial Stability, Financial Services and the Capital Markets Union, Mairead McGuinness, is leading the push for new regulation. According to McGuinness, the ban could cut costs by over one third and increase transparency for retail customers.

The potential impact of this change in regulatory provisions could be significant, as seen in the UK and the Netherlands where similar measures have been implemented. Banks and financial services providers would be forced to rethink their business models, with consequences for all firms and professionals involved.

The ban would ensure that financial advice is not influenced by any hidden incentives, and European clients would be sure that the advice they are receiving is in their best interest. This would empower smaller clients to make informed financial decisions and provide them with a level playing field.

The independent advisory models provided by the MiFID regulation in Europe have been treated differently, and due to the lack of players in the market, they have not yet reached maturity. This means that while there may be a few financial services providers offering independent advice, the market is not yet established and competitive. The result is a limited number of options for consumers and a lack of competition to drive innovation and lower costs.

However, not everyone is in favour of this proposed ban. A German European Parliament member, Markus Ferber, argues that such a change in the regulatory landscape could be dangerous for smaller clients, who currently have access to non-independent advice that is partially funded by incentives. Without the funding provided by incentives, advisors may not be able to offer their services at a cost that is affordable for this market segment.

At WieldMore, being an FCA-authorised investment manager in the UK, we are proud to work on an independent basis, paid directly by our clients. We believe that with the right market innovation, this approach leads to the best outcome for our clients, and we are in favour of this proposed ban in European Countries as it aligns with our values.

Certainly, regulatory changes will have a significant impact on the financial services providers and the market as a whole.

It's important for all players, firms, and professionals to be aware of the potential consequences and be prepared for the changes that will come with it. The proposed ban on inducements on financial products is a significant development that has the potential to reshape the financial services industry and improve transparency and protection for retail customers. It is important for all stakeholders to stay informed and participate in the ongoing debate to ensure the best outcome for the industry and its customers


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