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Your Business Risks

Your Business Risks

The Innovation Lab by Innovate UK

Updated: Feb 21

We are happy to announce that WieldMore Investment Management was selected for Phase 1 of the Innovation Lab, a competition by Innovate UK, a public body at the heart of the UK’s national research and innovation organisation. 📌

At the lab, WieldMore Quantitative Analyst Manu Singh collaborated with business representatives across various sectors to develop cutting-edge solutions that can help incorporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) practices in business operations.

The primary focus at the lab was on enhancing data accessibility for all stakeholders to accelerate the achievement of ESG targets. Suppose your pension grows by 9% annually. That’s great news! But wouldn’t you also want to know if you’re investing in companies making real efforts to reduce emissions or championing diversity?

What if your pension manager invests in companies that, combined, are reducing their greenhouse gas emissions by 3% each year, yet to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, an emission reduction rate of 9% is needed? And how are the companies your pension fund invests in performing in terms of diversity and inclusion?

While pension funds primarily aim to protect and grow savings for our retirement, their objective extends beyond wealth. With the UK pension fund market set to oversee nearly £3 trillion by 2030, their potential to improve societal balance, support the environmental transition and demand a high standard of corporate governance is immense.

Wieldmore’s approach in the Innovation Lab focuses on helping pension managers in embracing this broader role without sacrificing pensioners’ financial returns. As we progress to Phase 2 of this competition, we are partnering with ESG data specialists, enabling WieldMore to leverage the expertise in financial risk management to address modern pension fund challenges. 

The aim is to trace real-world improvements in companies being invested in and enhance data flow so that governing boards, investors, and pensioners can see this progress. On to Phase 2❗


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