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We offer Portfolio, Risk and Liquidity Management Services to Small and Medium Enterprises

We provide you with holistic solutions for company cash-flow management, including mitigating foreign currency exposure and advice on investments. 


Protect your cross-currency inflows and outflows from volatile exchange rates

Pay significantly less for hedging your foreign currency and commodities exposure


Keep your finger on the pulse of the market with our expert daily market insights


Generate steady income streams with your investments in a zero-rate environment


Liquidity Management

As part of your treasury, we optimise your foreign currency management by offering cost-effective:

  • Forward contracts 

  • Spot contracts 

  • FX portfolio assessments


Company Financial Risk Management

  • Business protection from foreign exchange market volatility 

  • Hedging tools to forecast cash flows and minimise risk 

  • Risk strategy 

  • Hedging strategy


Analytics and Ad Hoc Services

We keep you up to date with the latest relevant information and reporting with our:

  • Market updates and reports 

  • Expert daily commentaries 

  • Highlights of key market movements 

  • Daily and weekly updates 

  • Industry insights 

  • Business resource tools


Portfolio Management

Risk Management

If you'd like us to help you achieve your goals, we would love to hear from you