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WieldMore is an alternative investment management business

We help our clients simplify the complexities and reduce the costs of alternative asset management by combining our expertise in trading, risk and portfolio management with state-of-the-art digital solutions.

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Why consider liquid alternative investments?


Alternative allocation 

A long time building block of investing, the 60/40 portfolio is now challenged by the prevailing ultra-low rates. Our liquid alternative strategy is the answer for better diversification. Now more than ever.

0% rates

Downside protection

Hedging duration risk is needed and it is urgent. Introducing a liquid alternative strategy to a portfolio improves its outcomes providing investors with stability during periods of high volatility and low interest rates.

Risk premia

Investment diversification

We aim to diversify your portfolio into multiple asset classes, framing different investment opportunities in terms of risk premia alongside traditional asset classes to increase diversification and maximise returns.

Why work with us?

Our strategies are designed to perform well in all weathers contributing confidence and stability to the portfolio. We combine traditional asset classes, including stocks, bonds and cash with alternative asset classes, such as volatility, commodities and currencies to protect your portfolio from all market risks. Our low fees are made possible by our digital native and boutique structure. We bring you:


Unconventional investment strategies

Superior returns

Competitive pricing

Using derivatives we aim to outperform the returns of traditional bond portfolios whilst matching their risk profile. For fees below industry average.


Advanced suitability and risk assessment, based on world-class academic research

In collaboration with leading universities in the UK and in the EU, we are putting the latest research in behavioural economics and Artificial Intelligence into practice. With our risk assessments, your evolving investment preferences will be better captured and met than with solutions existing today.

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Ethical investments

We are committed to suggesting investment decisions which are suitable to the investor and also, to the Planet. We put our own efforts into mitigating the immediate risks of climate change now and forever. As a signatory of the UN Principles for Responsible Investment, environmental, social and governance due diligence are integrated in our decision making. We are also committed to measuring and highlighting the positive environmental and societal impact of our contributions. 

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