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Your Business Risks

Your Business Risks

A leading investment banker as Head of Trading and Sales, a senior Managing Director in rates and credit derivatives with over 25 years of experience, Giuseppe has created and led fixed income derivatives teams at Bank of Nova Scotia, RBS and UBS where he has been running absolute and relative return strategies. Further to his MSc in Economics he obtained the CISI Level 4 Investment Advice Diploma in 2018. 

Giuseppe Amitrano

CEO and Investment Officer

PhD in Computer Arithmetic from University Paris VI and former student of Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon. As Senior Rates Quant and Strategist, Pierre-Yves has worked on the fixed income trading desks of UBS, Deutsche Bank, Citi and Bank of Nova Scotia for over 10 years, before transitioning to fintech a few years ago. He rolled out a new swap rates curve construction model and a new, modern risk framework.

Pierre-Yves Rivaille, PHD

Chief Technology Officer

A former structurer with seven years of experience in financial services, Daniel has honed his expertise in project management and execution, successfully bringing a variety of complex financial products from concept to market. With a keen interest in the intersection of finance and technology, Daniel completed an MBA at London Business School, specializing in Entrepreneurial Management. Upon completing his MBA, Daniel joins WieldMore as COO, with a focus on strategy and operations.

Daniel Maxwell

Chief Operating Officer

With over 25 years of experience in trading interest rates and other financial products mainly at HSBC, Lorenzo has worked through all types of markets. His focus has been on managing risks and positions, minimising risks and optimising return profiles and building quantitative and statistical models. Lorenzo has also worked as a risk controller and an emerging market fund manager, and is a Bocconi University alumnus.

Lorenzo Logi

Risk Management


Our team

Financial structurer with over 20 years of experience in corporate finance, investment banking and private equity.
Skilled in derivatives, fixed income, corporate finance, risk management and debt restructuring.
Paolo has worked as financial risk manager (Wind Telecom), derivatives structurer (Head of leveraged products for RBS and European Head of Fixed Income Solutions for Santander) and, more recently, in private equity focusing on SMIs.
Master’s degree in Mathematics, University of Rome

Paolo Comerci

Head of Structuring

Experienced Portfolio Manager with a demonstrated history of success in the investment management industry, most recently as PM at Elliott Management. Skilled in Investment Management, Derivatives, Fixed Income, Research. Master's degree in History from University of Cambridge.

Meyrick Chapman

Institutional Relationships

Graduate of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Bath, currently studying for Master’s in Finance at the University of Barcelona. Recently completed a study in machine learning with WieldMore whereby the ability of ML algorithms in predicting the prices of European SPX options was evaluated using classification and regression algorithms. The outcomes of the study were used to create a comprehensive scale to compare the accuracies and characteristic biases of each algorithm in predicting the behaviour of variables in derivative markets. 

Manu Singh

Quantitative Risk Analyst

A Finance and Economics graduate, Terence joined WieldMore from Hargreaves Lansdown. Building his career as a financial adviser and risk analyst, he has recently been awarded the Level 4 Investment Advice Diploma by the CISI. 

Terence McIver

Market and Risk Analyst

Your Business & Your Assets

Power is the ability to produce intended effects

Bertrand Russell

Max is Associate Professor in Applied Mathematics at University College London. His team has a long-standing expertise in financial mathematics, scientific computing and optimal control. His work was supported by Innovate UK, Google, the Royal Society, the London Mathematical Society, the Matariki Network of Universities, the Gottlieb Daimler- und Carl Benz-Stiftung, the Flughafen Frankfurt Main Stiftung, the German Academic Exchange Service, the Axel-Springer-Stiftung and the Perry James Browne Research Centre.

Max Jensen, DPhil

Adviser for R&D


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MSc in Banking and Finance, Federico becomes a financial adviser and responsible for business development in the largest independent financial advisory company in Italy. After being selected as one of the top 50 best young italian talents by Adecco he becomes the youngest sales manager in FCA Bank, part of Stellantis Group, managing more than a hundred sales representatives across the country. Federico holds the position of Secretary General at FPSB Italy.

Federico Melotti

Relationship Management 

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