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Your Business Risks

Your Business Risks

Mitigating Risks Arising from CO2e Emissions: Scenarios and Strategies

Communities and institutions hold the reduction of human-induced impacts, particularly from productive activities, in high esteem. In response to the call for action, companies are showing readiness to contribute with tangible efforts, moving beyond mere trends and greenwashing. Despite this, many struggle to strike a balance between sustainability and competitiveness, hindering their journey towards more sustainable practices.

WieldMore actively participated in a webinar series organized by Gruppo Contec, a prominent consulting firm in Italy. The event brought together key players with complementary skills in environmental sustainability. WieldMore shed light on how policies geared towards optimization and resource recovery can present growth opportunities rather than burdens for companies.

Esteemed companies like Roechling Automotive Italia, Schneider Electric, Burgo Group, Feralpi Group, and Almag shared their insights during the event.

WieldMore's intervention, titled "Mitigating Risks Arising from CO2e Emissions: Scenarios and Strategies," delved into the necessity of proactive measures and active management of CO2e risk amidst regulatory and market dynamics.

The EU Emission Trading System stands as the most ambitious decarbonization initiative to date, impacting an increasing number of sectors and companies annually. To preserve their competitiveness, companies must actively navigate the market risks associated with CO2e emissions. The webinar explored challenges and strategies for anticipating regulatory shifts and mitigating the impacts of price fluctuations linked to CO2e emissions.

For those interested, the entire event can be revisited through the provided link.


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